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Al from North Carolina is battling a push/slice with his new clubs. Carlos Brown has some advice and a drill to help him start drawing the ball.

Review by Carlos Brown, Head Instructor at Waterview Golf Club

“I have recently just switched from an old set of Titleist DCI irons to a set of Taylormade Tour Preferred CB. Since the switch, I’ve been dealing with a push to the right with my mid to long irons. Most of the time it’s a push but about 30 percent of the time it’ll be a slice. I usually strike the ball pretty well but struggle with shape and spinning the ball. I try and try and can’t get the draw shape to my shot, or much spin on approach shots.”

Hi Al

Thank you very much for sending in your video. Like all the wonderful teaching professionals who are part of, I am excited when players are trying to get better at this wonderful sport.

First I just want to say that I can tell you are a good athlete. You really set the club well.You mentioned that you recently switched clubs and that’s when some of the trouble started happening. One thing you want to make sure it is that you find a professional club fitter to fit your golf clubs to your swing – that’s going to be the start of you seeing more consistency with your shots.

What you do in your pre-swing is just as important as the actual swing. Right now you’re too much in your joints (too much knee bend), and not grounded enough. When this happens there is a lot of extra movement in your swing, a solid setup will help you feeling like you’re bending more from your hips, not your waist and then you’re going to have a slight flexing your knee and we should feel your feet solidly planted with pressure pushing into the ground.

You also mentioned that you are trying to hit a draw, so what you want to remember is “attack angle manages plane” Basically if you want your attack angle to be in a position to draw, you have to put yourself in position on the way back. At the moment going back your motion starts with your legs then it moves to your upper body, the problem with that is it puts you in the position to hit pushes and the harder you swing it’s going to turn into a push slice.

A great drill for this is the sequence drill, you’re going to start the first move back feeling your chest start then you are going to allow your core to move, and lastly you’re going to feel your hips get pulled. So remember that you are not restricting your hips, you just are just allowing them to move in the right sequence and this is going to put you in a better position at the top. It will also allow you to stay centered over the ball.

Below this is a video of one of my top players, Sydney, doing this drill in one of her lessons. This drill along with a proper setup is going to put you in a good position to strike the ball the way you want to and also have a little bit more fun. I hope this helps. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. I will be very happy to help.



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law_iii@carlosbrowngolfacademy thanks so much for the thorough evaluation and advice Carlos! I’m definitely going to be putting that drill into practice as soon as possible. I’ve always wanted to get advice from a professional and I can honestly say that evaluation was beyond expectation. Thanks again and I will for sure be in contact in the future!! Hit em well! 🏌🏻@golfschoolcom

carlosbrowngolfacademy@law_iii thank pleasure..👍

Carlos Brown is one of the top young teaching professionals in U.S. He is a 2016 FCG Top 50 Elite Junior Golf Coaches in USA Award winner, and for the last 6 years, he has been named by Golf Digest as one of the “top 40 best instructors under the age of 40 in America. The African American Golfers Digest named him Teacher of the year, and he is a 3-time Golf Digest nominee for the Greatest Teachers in America Award. Carlos is the head teaching pro at Waterview Golf Club and director of instruction at the Carlos Brown Golf Academy. Carlos Brown’s website is at, and you can follow him online on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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