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Pete Kelbel helps Brent stop his head swaying during the swing using the Barrel Visualization technique.

Pete Kelbel

Pete Kelbel, Head Professional, Walloon Lake CC


You have a very nice swing from the face on view.  I trimmed the video and added some voice commentary and lines using the Technique app (embedded below).

Your head moves to the right too much as you turn your upper body and properly load up the inside of your right foot and right knee!  The head needs to resist better versus the upper body (back) turn.

It is great that you do not move your right knee to the right of the ‘barrel line’ during the backswing.  The barrel lines are the vertical lines at your sides.  This ‘swinging in the barrel’ position at the top of the backswing shows you are resisting the turning of the upper body and creating torque with your resisting right knee and inside of right foot!

At the top of the backswing you should be touching the back of the barrel, but not moving to the right past that point. It is easy to see in the Technique video that you have lots of upside as you do this so well!

You have a nice sequence to your downswing, led by the lead hip that creates a nice weight shift and a great lateral move through the front of the barrel.  Only the backswing is made within the barrel!  The downswing lateral move (weight transfer) makes you ‘break’ the front of the barrel.  It is easy to see on the video that you do this well!

Again, you can see that your head does move to the right out of the circle.  This is the head sway. Try to keep your head still, or even try to keep your left ear against the imaginary left wall during the backswing.  This should minimize the head movement to the right.  The head does move to the right, but it should never move out of that circle!  Try to resist the turning of the back with the head more.

You accomplished not moving to the right too far with your right knee, so you can conquer the head movement with some work as well!

It is helpful to have a down the line video as well as the face on view is only ‘half the picture’. Feel fee to send it to me anytime.

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@3puttsanonymous –  Thank you for the feedback @petekelbelgolf

In addition to being the head professional and an extremely busy instructor at the Walloon Lake Country Club for the past 27 years, Pete Kelbel also coaches the boys and girl’s golf teams at Harbor Springs High School.

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