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Kevin has a powerful swing, but Peter Weisel from Roanoke Country Club has some tips to make it even better.

Peter Weisel,
PGA Professional,
Roanoke Country Club

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for submitting your swing to GolfSchool.com

I really like your shut clubface and powerful turn through impact. You have a bright future on the golf course.

You mentioned that your miss is a pull draw. I see in your swing video that you hang back on your right foot a little bit during your downswing. This will lead to inconsistent impact and shot that start left and go left.

I would love to see you get more pressure under your lead foot during the downswing. To work on this, hit punch shots where you feel like you are pushing into the ground with your front foot. This will help you shift your pressure from your trail foot to your lead foot during your downswing.

Practice this with punch shots and then move up to full swings with your wedges, irons and woods.

Let me know if you have any questions, Kevin!”

Best wishes,
Peter Weisel

kevin_cunningham4 Thank you for the advice @peterweiselgolf !

A life-long athlete, Peter Weisel has been playing golf since he was in high school in New Jersey. After playing college golf for Roanoke College (Salem, VA), Peter began teaching at Roanoke Country Club.

Peter is a US Kids and TPI Certified Level 2 Junior Coach who has enjoyed sharing the game of golf at clubs in New Jersey and Virginia for the past ten years. He draws from his previous athletic and competitive experiences to create a unique learning environment for students of all ages and abilities

You can follow Peter Weisel online at peterweiselgolf.com and on Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube.

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