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Abigale Schepperle has two great drills to help Lea stay focused on the correct position at the top of her backswing.

Abigale Schepperle

Abigale Schepperle,
Steel Canyon Golf Club

Hello Lea!

First off! You have really great movement through the ball – especially for only playing for a year and a half!

I know you said you worked on getting your swing from over the top to where now it seems to be a little laid off which may cause the call to move a little right to left or hook. You know the saying “less is more ” I think it applies to a lot of certain golf practices. It is possible to overthink and think about too many things at once.

I would say one good focus for you would be working on your position in your backswing. if you have a towel on your bag handy or even a large water bottle that is empty here’s what to do

Put the towel in your armpits with the goal to keep your arms close to you in your back swing and down the line through impact. Not only does this help with not taking the club back past parallel, but it also helps you feel like you will be in a better position at the top.

If you use the water bottle, place the water bottle between your forearms and the goal is again for the water bottle to not fall from the time you place it. Slow motion practice swings in a Mirror and pausing to double check you are in a good position at the top is also another gear drill! If you have any questions please let me know and I would be happy to help!

Another thing to mention, In your takeaway, try to feel like the butt of your club is brushing past your shorts to where the club in your takeaway isn’t moving out but closer to you and then taking the club up which will help in getting the club in a better position at the top.

If you need any help or have any questions about any drills or anything else for that matter please let me know! You can do it!

Abigale – @aschepperlegolf
Abigale, thank you so much for this review and drills! I appreciate your advice very much! With the water bottle and towel drill, should they drop at a particular time, at or after impact?  

Again I appreciate this and can’t wait to get out on to the range to practice!!! I’d lost focus with my swing.. my handicap dropped quickly in the year to single figures and now it’s getting really really hard haha, this is timely advice 🙂 thank you again so much 🙂

Abigale Schepperle attended Auburn University on a full scholarship before moving to Steele Canyon Golf Club in Sandy Springs GA where she is a US Kids Certified instructor and LPGA Apprentice.

“My teaching is about the player not only having the right mechanics but also being able to understand how to make corrections and improve on their own.”

Contact Abigale at Steele Canyon GC and follow her online on Facebook.

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