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Master Professional, Deb Vangellow gives Liz  #permission2move and make the most of the transfer of weight in her swing.

Deb Vangellow,
LPGA Master Professional,
Riverbend Country Club, Houston, Texas

Greetings from the GREAT State of Texas…USA!  Thank you for sharing your Golf Swing Video with me!

First and foremost…you have a very good set up and a very good golf swing!  There is not a lot of work to be done… no worries!  Definitely more good going on than you think!

A couple of thoughts immediately come to mind, based on what you shared.  My belief is that you have #Permission2Move!  With this, I believe in transferring energy from right to left in the golf swing;  a weight transfer. 

This is important for all, in my opinion, but especially important for folks that have some back issues as you indicated.  With this being said, I can imagine your frustration when it may seem like you want to keep your lower body “more stable,” perhaps because you sensed a sway motion or a feeling of too much movement.  Don’t stop your good weight transfer … you likely will not be pleased!

Instead, please do consider keeping a transfer of weight (shift/turn behind the ball on your right) to a transfer of weight (shift with head behind the ball at impact and a turn through on the finish) to your left where you finish in balance on your left leg.  

Here are a few things that might help you consider keeping this good thing you have going in your motion and potentially eliminating your “over the top” motion on your forward swing that causes the ball to go to the right.  Keep in mind that it is possible that an “over the top” movement from the top might be due to starting the downswing with your upper body versus a lower body weight transfer.  


1.  It was hard to see, but do think about strengthening your left-hand grip.  Strengthening your grip simply means to shift your left hand a bit more to your right so that you can see two knuckles on the back of your left hand and that the upside down letter “V”  formed between your thumb and left forefinger is pointing towards your right shoulder at address. 

Extra hint:  be sure you have your golf club positioned under your “pinkie pad” in your left hand, not in the “lifeline” of your left hand…if you don’t do this, you will have some slippage and will have to buy new golf gloves more often because of the wear/tear on the inside of the glove near the pinkie.  WHY?  Strengthening your target side hand position will help get the clubface more square/less open at impact.

2.  Set up a bit more “behind the ball”.  Slightly tilt your torso to your right/rear side.  WHY?  Starting behind the ball might help you “stay behind the ball” a moment in time longer at impact before you finish upward and forward on your left leg, in balance. 

3.  Do your very best to maintain a “steady head” throughout the swing motion.  Doing this will help you transfer and turn without feeling like you are moving too much side to side.  The eyes help this… keeping your focus on the golf ball going back and watching the impact on the way to the finish is much better advice than “keep your head down”…keeping your head down keeps you on two feet with no movement.  WHY?  If you have a “steady head,” you will feel much better about transferring and turning right side to left side and will not lose your balance, will be better on your back, and might feel better on your right knee too. 

Summary:  All throwing and striking sports have a similar order of movement:  step and throw.  So it is in the golf swing.  Know that you have #Permission2Move!  If you shift and turn without so much head movement, you will have athleticism and good energy transfer in your swing while producing body-friendly motion! 

Good luck and come visit if you ever get to the USA!  Texas is the #1 State!  LOL


Good Morning Debbie,
I have just received my swing review from you via golf school and wanted to thank you personally for taking the time to help me. I shall take everything down to the range today and see how things fare
Thank you once again. I know you must be a very busy woman and I really appreciate the time you have given to me.
Best Regards,
Liz Harrison

Deb Vangellow golfschool.com

LPGA Master Professional Deb Vangellow teaches at Riverbend Country Club in Houston, Texas. She is the 2012 LPGA National Teacher Of The Year, an LPGA and Golf Digest Woman “Top 50” Teacher, a Golf Digest and GOLF Magazine “Top Regional Teacher”, a US KIDS GOLF “Top 50 Master Kids Teacher” and a GRAA “Top 50 Growth Of The Game Professional”.

Deb serves as the President of the LPGA Teaching and Club Professionals Membership and is a longtime lead instructor in the LPGA Global Education Program. An educator/coach who offers wellness based developmental programming integrated into her “student centered” philosophy, Deb can be reached at 281-277-4653 or followed online at www.debvangellowgolf.com, and on Facebook and Twitter.

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