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“I am struggling with staying down and making pure contact with the ball.”

Shawna Elliott - Golf School

Shawna Elliott,
Director of Instruction, Rhodes Ranch GC

Hello Olivia!

I hope you are well and looking forward to a great season!

I have reviewed your swing and I must say you have a lot of great attributes and noticed you have worked hard on your swing.

With regards to the feeling of “standing up” in your swing, I did notice a few pre-swing set-up tendencies that would create your loss of posture and missed center of contact.

At set-up I noticed you have a curve in your lower back, which creates a disconnection in your core and makes rotating your upper body restricted, thus making you stand up. 

Before you swing, think of zipping up your core and feel as if your lower back was flat. A simple drill you can do is to place the club along your spine (right hand high, left hand low) securing the club. You should feel as if there is little air in between your lower back and the club when you are standing tall.

From the standing position, with the club along your spine, begin to practice getting into your golf posture. You should feel the club stay connected to your back as you tip from the hips. Keep the core tight and practice about 10-15 hinges.

Also, as you take the club away it seems to go really quick to the inside or behind you. When the hands get too far behind you from the start, you shut off the ability to use your feet or hips to transition in the downswing. To help with your sequencing and hand position, practice 1/2 swings with the feeling of allowing the right arm to stay a little longer with the hands more in front of your chest.

When you feel that position, pause, and then swing to your finish. When the hands are more in front of your center, it allows you to use your body and create better sequencing.

A great way to practice center of contact is to buy foot powder to spray on your club face. The white power will tell you exactly where you hit the ball relative to the center. Focus on allowing the club to swing up (thumbs up) and powdering the center of the face.

I hope this helps and thank you for sending in your video to Golf School.


“Thank you so much, Shawna! I can’t wait to get practicing! Best wishes in the 2017 season” – Olivia

Shawna Elliott grew up in Las Vegas where she learned to play golf and found her passion for coaching. Shawna graduated from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in 2010 with a Bachelor’s of Science and concentration in PGA Professional Golf Management. Shawna is currently the Director of Instruction at Rhodes Ranch Golf Club in Las Vegas and provides instruction for golfers of all ages. 
As a PGA teaching professional and certified movement specialist, Shawna focuses on understanding how each student moves, learns and develops to ensure a personalized path to improvement. Shawna encourages each student to focus on the opportunity to uncover the greatness that is within. 
Find out more on her website and follow Shawna on FacebookInstagram, and Youtube.