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“Any tips to help me or should I just bite the bullet and switch to be a lefty?”

Should Patrick be playing right-handed or left-handed? Pete Kelbel has the answer.

Pete Kelbel

Pete Kelbel, Head Professional, Walloon Lake CC

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You do have a nice swing both right handed and left handed.

After looking at both of your swings, I think you are clearly a left handed golfer. It looks more natural and you have good hip rotation with your right hip when you swing left handed.

Your lag is even better left handed and you have a much better forward shaft lean when you swing left handed as well!

Try to brace up your left knee so it doesn’t move to the left as much during your backswing. If it truly braces itself, you will be creating more torque by rotating your upper body (back turn) into a resisting lower body!

If you are having trouble squaring up the clubface, I suggest moving your hands to the left when you swing left handed. This is called a stronger grip which shows at least two knuckles on the right hand to the person facing you straight on. The more your hands are nudged to the left, the easier it will be to square up the clubface and perhaps even get a little draw.

I guess the downside is that you would have to buy a new set of left handed clubs, but I sure would if I were you!

Just below this, you can see your video with voice and lines drawn which should help even more!

Send me face on and down the line videos whenever you need help!


Pete Kelbel


In addition to being the head professional and an extremely busy instructor at the Walloon Lake Country Club for the past 27 years, Pete Kelbel also coaches the boys and girl’s golf teams at Harbor Springs High School.

By stressing fundamentals in his instruction and continually learning from other great teachers Pete plans to continue to help golfers of all ages achieve success at the amateur level and beyond.

Instagram: @petekelbelgolf
Twitter: @pete_kelbel

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