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The Els Club, Dubai Sports City PO Box 111123, Dubai, UAE

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Our goal is simple

Our goal is simple, we are here to help you improve your performance on the golf course and lower your scores. Whether you are looking to improve the technical, tactical, and physical aspects of your game, our expert coaches are here to guide you every step of the way. From the tee to the gym the Claude Harmon Performance golf team is here to help you play better golf. the academy offers its students one of the finest coaching & practice facilities available inside and out. Our 5,000 sq ft state-of-the-art building is fully equipped to deliver a world-class level of golf instruction. Thanks to access to expert instructors in both golf and fitness, you can learn vital golf and lifestyle techniques that will dramatically improve your game. The academy is the perfect environment to help you improve your game, hosting a grass tee spanning over 100yards in width and overlooking multiple target greens our facility is designed with our student’s improvement in mind.



Golf courses​
Academy course​
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Golf courses​
Academy course​
Covered driving range​


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The metro station

Contrary to popular belief, the oldest sports club in Turkey is Istanbul Golf Club. Its founders were the British and American citizens are living in Istanbul, the capital of the Ottoman Empire at that time. Sir Henry Felix Woods (Woods Paşa), arrived in Istanbul in1869 with a military mission and then rose to the rank of Admiral in the Ottoman Navy, and Ernest Thompson, a Scottish national, who introduced golf to Istanbul, are just two of the prominent founders. IGK the oldest sports club in Turkey was instrumental in cultivating many golfers. These golfers, in return, contributed to spreading the sport to the rest of the country by forming new clubs in other locations. Turkish Golf got a voice in 1996 when Turkish Golf Federation was formed under the leadership of the club president Mustafa V. Koc and our member Raif Bilir as the founding president. Today, through its tournaments and sponsorships, Turkey is well known in the world of golf. Especially the Antalya region with its multitude of world-class golf courses and resorts has become a golf destination that golf enthusiasts love to isit and play. As the oldest sports club in Turkey, we, at IGK, a proud of our history of over 120 years as well as our contributions to the sport. We expect to continue our contributions for many years to come.

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The Leadbetter Golf Academy Dubai is the first academy in the Middle East offering a holistic approach to golf instruction that incorporates swing analysis at the golf lessons, course management, mental preparation and physical conditioning. Our facilities provide the ideal setting for golfers to train and hone their abilities with the latest technology equipment including trackman 4. The Leadbetter Golf Academy and its network of elite instructors continue David’s tradition of innovation and excellence by bringing premier golf instruction to players of all ages and abilities at The Leadbetter Golf Academy Dubai.



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