Frequently Asked Questions

Without a Doubt, even if you have good natural hand/coordination it’s important to get started with the basics such as grip, stance and drive. Without the basics in place, you’ve got no chance of progressing.

Like most things a word-of-mouth recommendation is best. O if you have friends who play take their advice. Otherwise check out your local clubs’ website. Most will have a section on their pro with corresponding reviews.

Golf has never been a cheap game and you get what you pay for. However, it is possible to get a half hour lesson from as little as £30.00/$37.00. The best value will always be to book a set of five or six lessons which will really get your game going and improve your confidence.

All the required skill such as alignment, posture, putting, small wing and full wing. You will also learn the rule of the game and course etiquette.

With online tutorials and YouTube videos there is nothing to stop you and if you have any natural talent, you may well be able to find your way round a course, however if you want to fine tune your game to a decent standard you will need lessons at some point.

It doesn’t take much to work out that hitting a ball of 1.68 inches with a long stick some 250 to 500 yards into a hole no bigger than 4.25 inches is a bit of a challenge. Add weather conditions, roughs, bunkers and water hazards into the mix and you can guarantee that golf is no easy walk in the park.

Not in the slightest. Obviously, the younger you start the more time you have to improve but many people don’t start playing the game until they retire. As long as you are not suffering from a debilitating disability there is no reason why you can’t start to play at any age.

A brand-new set of premium clubs are expensive, so many learners are tempted to buy a set from a secondary manufacturer. We would suggest buying a second hand set of top class clubs that will probably be less than the cheaper new option , and will help your game and last for years.

The Best Golf Schools AND COACHES in the World

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or play off a handicap when you go to a new location and want to improve your game why risk your time and money to find the tuition that is right for you.

From super luxury resorts in Dubai to indoor training facilities in Germany we have done the research, so you don’t have to.

Apart from the courses, training equipment and accommodation we have checked the quality of the teaching staff, the majority of whom, are PGA pros.

You can rest assured that whichever destination you choose from you will be a better golfer by the end of the course.