Really Crazy Golf – Part 2

If you read our previous post about some of the wackiest golf courses in the world you may think it could not get any weirder? As the saying goes…You ain’t seen nothing yet!


The average course distance walked by a club golfer is approximately 6.6 miles and would take between four and five hours to complete, Sound about right?

Now, imagine if you will a course that spans 848 miles and if played straight through would take four days to complete.  It also passes through two time zones!


The route mostly follows the Eyre Highway from Kalgoorlie to Ceduna.

Each hole is played in one of eighteen towns close to the route and it is a par seventy-two course.

It was launched in 2009 as a project to promote tourism and benefit the roadhouses and hotels along the way.

You must become a member to play, the fee for a lifetime membership is 215 Australian dollars for which you receive a unique number, a specially designed cap and shirt, a commemorative certificate and not to mention decades of bragging rights.

No doubt this is a “bucket list” destination, but just think if you completed in seventy-one you could boast you went down under…par.

For more information, you can visit the website here.

LA JENNY: Near Bordeaux France

Situated in the Gironde region close to a stunning beach on the Atlantic coastline and the world-famous vineyards of Medoc, St Emilion and Graves the La Jenny resort is truly a one off.

With a host of activities including onsite and beach swimming pools, bike riding, crafts, yoga, and massage.

Accommodation is provided by specially designed log cabins that cater for up to six adults, and then of course there is the golf.

This is provided by a beautifully maintained six-hole (3 x par 3 and 3x par 4) course, together with covered and open driving ranges, an approach green and an excellent putting green on which to hone your skills.

To complete the picture the well-appointed clubhouse offers a magnificent array of local wines, organic juices and regional food and delicacies.

“Hold on”, I hear you say, “there’s nothing very crazy   or unusual about this place”,

Of course, you are right.

I forgot to mention that this is the world’s only naturist golf course. Yes, you can only stay and play golf if you are naked…however a hat and glove are permitted.

We are sure the whole experience is exhilarating, but just can’t help thinking where do you keep your tees?

For more information, you can visit the website here.

CAMP BONIFAS: Between N & S Korea

If you really want to attempt one of the most challenging courses in the world, then this is definitely the one for you.

It is not the course itself that you will find demanding as it consists of only one par 3 at 192 yards.

There is an absence of a clubhouse, instead of which you will find yourself adjacent to a military base in the heavily fortified borders of N Korea!

No sandy traps here, just military bunkers and an 18-foot-high security fence topped with razor wire.

Still not deterred from having a go? Maybe the fact that there are unexploded land mines in the rough and players are advised not to try and retrieve any balls that go astray. It makes sense though …it is a lot easier to replace a ball than an arm or a leg.

We hope you have enjoyed this selection of crazy golf courses, keep checking the blogs because there are still more to come.

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