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Tampa Palms Golf & Country club, clubhouse wiev with water sprinkle on lake

At the heart of our Club, golf is the storied pastime that brings families, friends, and colleagues together in a way few other sports can. With our Crush It! program for junior golfers, it’s fun and simple for kids and teens to learn new skills while gaining a deeper understanding of the sportsmanship and camaraderie that golfers of all ages share. Our engaging Crush It! program introduces junior golfers to essential skills they’ll use for a lifetime — both on and off the course. We’ll go beyond golfing basics like stance and swing to help young golfers develop key character traits like confidence, respect, and self-discipline. From age-appropriate instruction for our youngest golfers to competitive development for teens, Crush It! is shaping the next generation of golfers.

Conte’s Palm-Aire Golf Academy

We at Conte’s Palm-Aire Golf Academy offer the finest one to five-day golf schools. A full-day school consists of four hours of instruction and a mini school consists of two and half hours. Both include free golf and range balls! Topics covered will be Short Game -putting, chipping, pitching, proper club selection, reading the greens, full Swing- irons and woods, bunker shots, difficult lies, and golf course management to name a few. Our friendly, certified staff of PGA/LPGA instructors guarantee you a great time and a wonderful learning experience. Our relaxed family atmosphere as well as our low 4-1 student/teacher ratio will make for the perfect learning environment. We also offer the option to upgrade any school to a 2 to 1 or 1 to 1 ratio. Come benefit from over 130 years of teaching experience with the Conte’s and their award-winning staff of PGA/LPGA Professionals. If you desire the combination of complete game improvement along with the fun and enjoyment of a golf vacation then these schools are the perfect fit. We also offer a unique “18 holes with a professional” as an alternative to our traditional golf schools. Here you and two friends will spend the day on the course with one of our staff professionals and experience the many benefits ao such round. Price is just $150pp and includes all golf fees (based on 3 players).

The Crandon Golf Academy golf stundents

At Crandon Golf Academy, just a short drive away from South Beach, we have assembled a team of instructors with the best in classic and new golf instruction techniques. Whether you are an experienced golfer looking to improve your game, a beginner, or just have a question, talk with our pros. It could be the best thing you ever do for your golf game. Crandon Golf Academy staff of PGA professionals have the knowledge to teach you golf the way the pros play. Our instructors are world-class trained professionals and will guide you through an intense and fun experience learning the game of golf. Crandon Golf Academy staff of PGA professionals have the knowledge to teach you golf the way the pros play. With director and PGA pro-Alex Fernandez's leadership, our staff is expertly trained to provide professional insight into your golf game. From the basics to advanced play, Crandon Golf Academy provides an experience like no other.

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Golf is a complicated game with a lot of moving parts. Getting it right is hard. Getting it right consistently is even harder. But when it does all connect, even just once, it’s magical. It keeps you coming back to the game time and time again. It’s a connection not just between club and ball, but between mind and body, friend and stranger, camaraderie and competition. It’s a connection with a sport that’s shared all over the world. One that can last a lifetime, one we feel quite passionately about, and one we hope to foster in every player we meet. Embrace the learning process, and above all, enjoy the journey ahead.


Butch Harmon, known as “the best golf instructor in the world,” has a teaching facility at Rio Secco. As the former golf coach of Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and Greg Norman, and current coach of many of the top touring professionals including Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler and Gary Woodland, Harmon is the most sought-after instructor in the game. One-, two-, and three-day Golf Schools with Butch and his staff are available, as well as corporate events and other appearances. Rio Secco is home to the Butch Harmon School of Golf. Butch is rated by his peers as the #1 Golf Instructor in the World, and for good reason. He’s taught the best and made them even better. Butch and his team also help aspiring golfers up their games to heights they never thought possible.

Arnold Palmer Golf Academy green golf course photo

Instruction is broken down into four key areas — Mastering the Fundamentals, Scoring Zone, Practice Like a Pro, and Course Management. Grip: The importance of your grip cannot be underestimated at our golf lessons. We’ll show you the grip that will allow you to swing the club in the most natural way possible at the Arnold Palmer Golf Academy. Address: Accurate shot placement begins with a correct address. We will show you how to combine posture, alignment and ball position for stability throughout each shot. One-piece Takeaway: You’ll learn how to maintain the vital continuity that a one-piece takeaway swing creates. Steady Head: Mr. Palmer’s #1 swing thought: Moving your head more than slightly during the swing causes both loss of distance and accuracy due to an ever-changing swing plane. Training a steady head position throughout your swing is the benchmark of a balanced athletic swing. Acceleration Learn the five elements essential to maximizing the speed of your club head as it swings through the ball.

Pebble Beach Golf Academy & Practice Facility photo from sea.

Pebble Beach, California Honing your game here is a real hole-in-one, with one of the most beautiful courses in the world just begging for you to try out that new, improved swing. Led by Laird Small, the Pebble Beach Golf Academy and Practice Facility crosses all the tees. The 3,000 square foot Learning Center has three instruction studios. The 3,000 square foot Learning Center has three instruction studios featuring the latest swing analysis technology, a robotic swing trainer, and state-of-the-art putt training systems. You will also work on your mental and physical game.

Professional Golfers Career College

PGCC encourages all of its students to make their golf game a priority, which is why lessons are included in your tuition. Lessons, taught by seasoned PGA professionals, are available five days a week. Our instructors offer training in our state-of-the-art swing lab, or on the range if you prefer, so rain or shine your game will only improve. If working on your game is a top priority in your life, consider taking a tour of one of our campuses. Check out the facilities where we give lessons, and see what we have to offer. Getting a glimpse of what life could be like if you were a student, playing golf every single day, can be eye-opening. And when the tour is over, enjoy a round of golf, on us.

Premier Golf Academy indoor training

Premier Golf Academy is a private, elite Golf and Academic Preparatory Academy located in San Diego, California. We offer Professional Golf Training Programs for serious junior golfers aspiring to play college or professional golf. These programs are offered year round in beautiful San Diego, California and all our programs are have Boarding and Non-Boarding options.Our team members guide students to mastering their golf skills, acquiring knowledge, and thinking critically, creatively, and independently. Our goal is to help each student to reach their potential and to achieve all their dreams on and off the golf course. The Full-Time Junior Program at Premier Golf Academy is for juniors that want to be the best, train like the professionals, and prepare for college or professional golf careers.Premier Golf Academy’s location and environment enables us to offer uniquely valuable experiences to our students and to support them in their golf, personal, social, and intellectual lives. There is no better place and no better program for your child to prepare for the future. Juniors coming through our program have great success. Our students excel and win at every level from high school to university and professional golf.

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