Really Crazy Golf – Fun and Extraordinary Golf Experience

Part One

To most golfers a golf course Is a haven of tranquillity with pristine greens, manicured putting surfaces, a friendly pro and a welcoming clubhouse, and if the weather is fine a perfect day will be had. However, there are some really outrageous, wacky and in all truth weird venues where the committed and foolhardy can get their fix. In this and future blogs we will be exploring some of the craziest.

Kabul Golf Club: Having been in the center of a war zone for decades this ancient club is unlikely to be on your wish list of courses you wanted to play. Especially as it is recognized as the most dangerous club in the world.

Kabul Golf Club
Kabul Golf Club

Originally opened in 1967 it has been closed many times during times of conflict but was opened again in 2015, whether it is currently operative is anybody’s guess? Playing off dust and gravel, there are nine holes, but these have been reduced to six at times due to bomb damage, tank tracks and herd of sheep.

Kabul Golf Club's sand golf course
Kabul Golf Club’s sand golf course

The clubhouse is a ramshackle hut, and the club pro was also the cab driver.

kabul golf club entrance warning text
In the unlikely even you’re vacationing in the area the good news is a full day of play is only $20. Every cloud has a silver lining.

Silvies Valley Ranch: Located in Seneca, Oregon this venue may be a little more to your liking but bear with us the wacky will be revealed. Silvies is actually rated as on of the top twelve golf resorts in America. It has multiple attractions, a working livestock farm, fully equipped spa, shooting, fishing and four golf courses.

There are two eighteen-hole courses, one nine-hole course and (this is where the wacky comes in) one seven-hole course. Named Mc Veighs, it is designed to be a fun, stress free environment that comes with one very odd feature…the caddies are goats!

The caddie master is Bruce LeGoat who is aided and abetted by his team of other goat caddies. Wearing specially designed harnesses they can carry up to six clubs, golf ball and cans of refreshment. They don’t only know the course, they’ve eaten it!

Caddie master

Uummannaq Course West Coast of Greenland: This is the home of the World Ice Golf Championship. Set just 370 miles north of the Arctic Circle there are no lush greens just glaciers and icebergs. A nine-hole course is laid out every March and is different every year due to the everchanging environment.

Uummannaq Course West Coast of Greenland

The game is played with a red ball and enlarged cups but otherwise just your normal game played in sub-zero temperatures with each player wearing the equivalent of a heavy-duty duvet.

This has been our first excursion into the crazier side of golf, be sure to check back regularly because there are many more to come!

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