Small is Beautiful – VF Golf Club

The average golf club has between 450-500 members, and the more popular venues often have a waiting list or strict criteria for membership. Not that surprising when you consider that in 2020 there were approximately 5.2 million golfers in the UK alone, what may surprise you is that in the entire country of Bosnia there are under two hundred registered golfers. However, close to the capital city of Sarajevo, you will find what is believed to be the world’s smallest golf club.

Even more surprising is that the VF Golf Club, is no “spit and sawdust”, ramshackle affair, but is, in fact, a rather lovely hidden jewel.

VF Golf Club
VF Golf Club

Jasmin Selmanagic, a wealthy businessman and golf fanatic finally had enough of having to travel abroad to feed his passion and decided to build his own club.

Completed in 2005, the course only has six holes, but they have been meticulously designed to offer a challenge to the most seasoned of golfers. When tournaments are played, they still take place over eighteen holes…players just go round three times!

Some weeks there can be less than five players, nevertheless, there is an architect-designed clubhouse which is luxuriously furnished and is also a venue for live entertainment.

You can practice on manicured putting greens, improve your swing on the driving range and even chip and pitch.

As if this were not enough to blow your mind, how about hiring a buggy, shopping at the pro shop or booking a course of lessons for you or the kids with the club’s resident PGA pro-Dejan Saran.

When you consider that if you play off a handicap of twelve you would rank in the countries top twenty players, a trip to the VF Club must be worth it for bragging rights alone.

Which brings us back to the age-old question…does size really matter?

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