Tavira Golf Tour Holiday with James Andrews Golf Schools

Fed up with trying to play around whilst fighting the elements? Yearning for some sunshine and a nice dry manicured course? You will be pleased to know we have the answer. One of our recommended golf academies, James Andrews Golf School, is organising a fantastic golf holiday in April in the Eastern Algarve in Portugal. […]

Really Crazy Golf – Part 2

African american golfer woman with braids holding golf ball celebrating crazy and amazed for success with open eyes screaming excited.

If you read our previous post about some of the wackiest golf courses in the world you may think it could not get any weirder? As the saying goes…You ain’t seen nothing yet! NULLARBER LINKS: Australia The average course distance walked by a club golfer is approximately 6.6 miles and would take between four and […]

The Number One Golf Coach in the World- Butch Harmon

Being the game’s premier golfer is something that may last for two or three years, but to be voted the premier coach since 2003 is a unique achievement. When your father was the winner of the 1948 Masters Tournament it is a given that the game of golf is a large part of your sporting […]

Links Golf – What it is and how to play it

The word Links is a derivative from an ancient Scottish word “hilinc” which means rising ground or ridge. This referred primarily to land in a coastal region often comprising sand dunes or lathe park areas. Most of the original Links courses were found in Scotland and are still most common in the UK. To date […]

U.S.A College Golf

What do 60% of current PGA tour golfers all have in common? Apart from the game obviously, they have all graduated from four years of college golf and a further 18% have played for colleges for less than the full four. Being in a college golf team come with many advantages. Top-class training facilities, state […]

Small is Beautiful – VF Golf Club

VF Golf Club

The average golf club has between 450-500 members, and the more popular venues often have a waiting list or strict criteria for membership. Not that surprising when you consider that in 2020 there were approximately 5.2 million golfers in the UK alone, what may surprise you is that in the entire country of Bosnia there […]

How much!? We look at the most expensive things money can buy

Augusta National Golf Club

We all know that money can’t buy all the really important things in life, like love, health, happiness, and membership to Augusta National Golf Club. That is not to say that membership is free, far from it, but we will return to that a little later. It would be fair to say that Augusta is […]

Really Crazy Golf – Fun and Extraordinary Golf Experience

Silvies Valley Ranch

Part One To most golfers a golf course Is a haven of tranquillity with pristine greens, manicured putting surfaces, a friendly pro and a welcoming clubhouse, and if the weather is fine a perfect day will be had. However, there are some really outrageous, wacky and in all truth weird venues where the committed and […]

Tee In Sin City – Golf 7/24 in Las Vegas

Golf may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Las Vegas, so you may be a little surprised to know that there are over fifty courses within a 40-minute drive of the strip. When you consider the myriad attractions that Vegas has to offer from theme parks and circuses […]

Wine not combine your love of golf and Cabernet Sauvignon?

You may think that golf and wine make strange bedfellows but read on and you will see that they can make the perfect pairing. Let’s start with the wine. If you’re a fan of a crispy Chardonnay or a fruity Cabernet Sauvignon some of the finest grape varieties are grown in the Napa Valley in […]